Issue to Page


Issue to Page for Jira turns your Jira issues into Confluence pages at the click of a button. Utilizing the power of Confluence blueprints, your issue information is directly injected into your page. Creating documentation has never been easier.

Technical Support

  • Please submit a support request in our Support Portal. We'll be happy to help!

Feature Request

  • You have ideas and wishes for improvement? Don´t hesitate to contact us trough our Support Portal.


  • Define the pages you need through blueprints or templates taken directly from your linked Confluence instance, or use the Jira issue description instead
  • Set placeholders in your Confluence blueprints or templates where you want specific Jira fields to appear
  • Have the pages created in the space linked to your Jira project, or direct them to a different space 
  • Assign the pages you want your users to create from any given Jira issue; limit the scope for any configuration with Jira Query Language (JQL)
  • Quick links between issue and Confluence page are created automatically
  • Set standards that allow users to read through documentation quickly
  • Reduce time spent manually created documentation
  • Include Jira field values in Confluence macros 

Use Cases

  • Knowledge management
  • Parallel use of JIRA and Confluence
  • Detailed and dynamic documentation
  • Project management

Using Jira® and Confluence® for documentation? Try out Issue to Page today and experience what this clever little Add-on can do for you.

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