Issue to Page


Issue to Page for Jira turns your Jira issues into Confluence pages at the click of a button. Utilizing the power of Confluence blueprints, your issue information is directly injected into your page. Creating documentation has never been easier.

Technical Support

  • Submit a support request in our Servicecenter. We'll be happy to help!
  • Please keep in mind that the following can help us:
    • log files
    • screenshots of e.g. the bugs
    • version of the products used

Add debug statements to your logs:

  1. Navigate to Admin Menu (Cog wheel) -> System -> Logging and Profiling
  2. Under Default Loggers choose Configure to add a new logging setting
  3. Type de.greenique as Package Name and select DEBUG from the Logging Level select box
  4. Click on Add

Next, reproduce the error you have encountered by creating a page. Any relevant debug statements and error logs should now show up in your Jira log files.

Create a support zip file. Atlassian provides a guide on how to do this here. Please uncheck all boxes except Jira application logs and Limit File Sizes, as these are the only ones needed.

Download the file.

You can now unzip the archive to check for and remove any sensitive information from the logs before adding them to this ticket. 

Feature Request

  • You have ideas and wishes for improvement? Don´t hesitate to contact us trough our Servicecenter.


  • Define the pages you need through blueprints or templates taken directly from your linked Confluence instance, or use the Jira issue description instead
  • Set placeholders in your Confluence blueprints or templates where you want specific Jira fields to appear
  • Have the pages created in the space linked to your Jira project, or direct them to a different space 
  • Assign the pages you want your users to create from any given Jira issue; limit the scope for any configuration with Jira Query Language (JQL)
  • Quick links between issue and Confluence page are created automatically
  • Set standards that allow users to read through documentation quickly
  • Reduce time spent manually created documentation
  • Include Jira field values in Confluence macros 

Use Cases

  • Knowledge management
  • Parallel use of JIRA and Confluence
  • Detailed and dynamic documentation
  • Project management

Using Jira® and Confluence® for documentation? Try out Issue to Page today and experience what this clever little Add-on can do for you.

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