Terms & Concepts

Issue to Page is an Add-on for Jira that creates Confluence pages from Jira issues. You can define what information from the Jira issues flows into the newly created pages, adapt templates and determine the location of the created pages.

Page Content

Define the content of the Confluence Page you want to create.

Page Configuration

Defines when a Page Content is displayed. You can name the Page Configuration, add a JQL filter to define which issues may create the page and where the page should be created.


A template is a Confluence page with predefined content, so you don´t have to start a new page from scratch. You can edit and customize the templatesThis saves time and enables a uniform structure of the content.


A blueprint is a set of page templates with added functionality to help you create, manage and organize content in Confluence more easily. You can add, disable and customize blueprint templates to suit your individual needs.


Within your blueprints or templates, you have the ability to insert variables which that can be read by Issue to Page. They will be replaced with the corresponding values from the issue that the page is created from.

The special feature from Issue to Page is, that it gives us the ability to fill Variables into Titels or Labels.


Labels are key words, that you can add to pages and attachments to make them easier to group and find.

One of the key features of Issue to Page is that it gives us the option to fill Labels with variables


Issue to Page turns your Jira issues into Confluence pages.

Using Confluence blueprints and templates, your issue information is directly injected into your page. You can also use variables in page titles or in different page configurations. Variables that can be read by Issue to Page for JIRA will be replaced with the corresponding values from the issue that the page is created from.

Issue to Page Timelime


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The following pages will help you find your way through all features of your installed Add-On from an administrators perspective to ensure that you have all you need to make the most out of it, for you and the users.