How to create a Confluence template

Here we create a template with predefined content, so we don´t have to start a new page from scratch. 

There are different ways to create templates. You can add Global templates which are available in every space on your site or go to the Content tools where you can only edit the content for that specific space.

Step-by-step guide

1Navigate in Confluence through the Cog Wheel to General configuration

You need to have admin rights to change the settings

2Click on the left Menu-Bar for Global Templates and Blueprints → Add global page template

Here, you can customize templates and blueprints

3Edit and customize your template e.g. with template variables, macros, or custom fields

Variables that can be read by Issue to Page for Jira will be replaced with values from the issue that the page is created from.

Add a variable by typing $ and the name of the variable you need. For example, to add the issue key, type $issue.key.macro

Refer to the Variables page for a list of predefined Issue to Page variables