How to create a Page Content

Define the content of the Confluence Page you want to create.

Step-by-step guide

1Navigate in Jira through the Cog Wheel to Manage Apps and then on the left sidebar to Configuration


Then select Page Content → Add content


Now configure the page content→ for further information look below the click instructions

Remember to select the previously created template

After you edited all necessary information, hit Save. 

Then you will be returned to the content overview

From version 2.1 on you can copy a selected Page Content and save it under a new name, speeding up configuration and preventing copy / paste errors. 

Content Configuration

Display nameDefine a name for the content you are creatingProduct requirements 
DescriptionGive your content a short descriptionDescribes the expectations the customer has of our finished software XY.



Define the default title for the Confluence pages that will be created.

You can use the select list to insert Jira fields. If left blank, the issue summary will be used by default.

Note: Confluence page titles must be unique within their space. 

Issue report for $issue.key $issue.summary
Allow edit

If you want users to be able to set a different page title upon creation, set this slider to checked. Your previously defined title will then appear as the default value which they can then alter.

With this option disabled, users can not create Confluence pages if a page with the same name already exists for the selected space.


For the page body there are three options available to choose from:


Global Templates

By default, this filter is set to true. The Template or blueprint select box will then show all that are globally available in your linked Confluence instance. 

If set to false, only templates from a specific space will be displayed in the select list to help you find them more easily.

Confluence Space

Only visible if Global Templates was turned off.

Select a Confluence space that contains the template you are looking for.


Template or blueprint

A select list containing either all blueprints and templates available, or all blueprints and templates for the selected Confluence Space.

You can call up the selected template in Confluence via the Edit this template in Confluence link


This field is optional. All documents created will be tagged with the labels you create here. Click Append to add a label

Separating words with spaces will create a single label with underscores, while comma separated text will create individual labels. Labels always use small letters.

For example, typing Issue Report creates the label issue_report, while typing Issue, Report will result in two labels called issue and report.

Delete any label by clicking on the respective x.

Issue Description

The body of the page will consist of the description of the issue it was created from. You may still add labels to the page.

Empty Page

Create an empty page. Labels may be defined as well.