Create the Page Configuration that uses "Page Content"

Defines Page Content and space used to create a page.

You can name the Page Configuration, add a JQL filter to define which issues may create the page and where the page should be created. 

Step-by-step guide

1Navigate through the Cog Wheel to Manage Apps →  Issue To Page Configuration


Hover the mouse over the Page Configuration Tab and then switch to "Add configuration".


Page Konfiguration

  • Name your configuration
  • Choose a previously defined content for your page. 

Which issues may create this page?

  • Add some Jira Query Language to filter for specific issues that this type of page can be created from.

Where should the page be created

Target project space

  • If enabled, pages will be created in the Confluence space that is connected to your Jira project via application link.

Global space

  • Select a space where your page will be created.

Global space: Parent Page

  • Here you can set a parent page for the global space only. 

Target project space

  • Project Link between a Jira Project and a Confluence Space must be set to use the Target project space

JQL Filter

Leave this field blank to globally enable this page option for all Jira issues.

A small mark by the lower right corner of the field indicates whether the syntax entered is correct JQL. However, this is only a hint and you may still save the form regardless. 

Global space

Even if you have already enabled the target project space above, you need to select a global space as fallback. This is where the page will appear in case there is no target space available in a particular project targeted by your JQL filter.

Global space: Parent Page

Enabling this switch will open up the next option where you can select a page from the global space chosen above.

Global space: If a parent page is set, the user may not change it but must create their page there.

Use this option for configurations used by the Page Printer Create Space post function.


After you edited all necessary information, hit Save.

Then you will be returned to the Configuration overview



Release the new page configuration to your users by setting its status toggle to On.