Create a Page Content that uses "Product Requirements"

Define the content of the Confluence Page you want to create.

Step-by-step guide 



Navigate in Jira through the Cog Wheel to Manage apps.

You need to have admin rights to change the settings.

Select Issue to Page on the left sidebar,
then go to the Page Content tab and then choose



Define a name for the content you are creating and give it a short description.


Define the title for the Confluence pages that will be created. If left blank, the issue summary will be used by default.

You can use the select list to add Jira fields to the title.



  • Switch toggle button to use a space template.
  • Select the Confluence space containing the template Product Requirements.
  • Select the template Product Requirements.
  • Optionally you can add Labels by which the created documents will be tagged.

Issue Description

The body of the page will consist of the description of the issue it was created from. You may still add labels to the page.

Empty Page

Create an empty page. Labels may be defined as well.


Separating words with spaces will create a single label with underscores, while comma separated text will create individual labels. Labels always use small letters.

For example, typing Issue Report creates the label issue_report, while typing Issue, Report will result in two labels called issue and report.

Delete any label by clicking on the respective x.


If special characters that are not supported (such as the German umlauts Ää Öö Üü) are used in the labels, these will be replaced by an underscore


With processing the steps Page Content is prepared to use the customized template Product Requirements. 

Now hit Save. 

Then you will be returned to the configuration overview.