Customize the Confluence template "Product Requirements"

Here we create template with predefined content, so we don´t have to start a new page from scratch.

Step-by-step guide


Navigate in Confluence through the Cog Wheel on the left sidebar to Content Tools

If you go to the Content tools you can only edit the content for that specific space

2The next step is to go to the "Product requirements" template and click on Edit

Here, you can customize templates and blueprints e.g. with template variables, macros, or custom fields

First select the Epic field and add a variable by typing $issue.key.macro and the name of the variable and then click on → create variable

Add a variable by typing $ and the name of the variable you need. For example, to add the issue key, type $issue.key


You can also add a variable by writing down the full name of it and then clicking on the "insert template items to this page" button and then select→  new variable

Now perform the same step to add the reporter for the field Designer variable $issue.assignee


The last step is to add a description with its variable to the template and save it

Now you have customized your Space Template and you will be returned to the templates overview.