Within your blueprints or templates you have the ability to insert variables. Variables that can be read by Issue to Page for JIRA will be replaced with the corresponding values from the issue that the page is created from. You can also use variables in page titles or in different page configurations.

Variables serve as placeholders or input fields. You can use variables in the following cases:

  • as input fields or placeholders in Confluence Templates or Blueprints
  • as page titles or labels in different Page Configurations

We have the option of using different types of variables. We distinguish between Jira Issue Field Variables, Custom Field VariablesProject Variables, and Date/Time Variables.

You can also use Insight Objects and Profields Variables.

Available Variables:

For example create a new template and add a variable by typing $ and the name of the variable you need. For instance type $issue.key to add the issue key. After creating a page by Issue to Page, that variable will be transformed into the desired value, in this case the issue key itself (RCOS-15).

Variable → "$issue.key > RCOS-15" ← Issue key