The main concept of it.JCATS is that you can log, change and delete work time in your Jira issue and through our bidirectional application it will be automatically transferred to your SAP instance.

There are several challenges while using Jira and SAP together

When you log work into one system you can forget to log work for the second instance

Just use it.JCATS and the work will be logged in both systems

Its sometimes hard to find which WBS element ist relevant for a specific issue or task so it can be confusing to know where you have to log your time on

The Project Lead can attach a WBS element to an issue or an epic

What is your profit from using it.JCATS

  • Log work into your Jira issue and it will automatically log time into your SAP
  • Update and delete your work time in both instances simultaneously using it.JCATS as well
  • When your Project Leads attaches your WBS element, you can concentrate on your actual task and don't have to search for it
  • Use Jira as the main leading system for development or project management
  • The person responsible can specify the WBS element
    • WBS can be defined at EPIC level
    • All processes below post to the WBS element attached to the epic
  • Bookings can also be made on behalf of other people
  • No change in style, fits seamlessly into the Jira surface


The it.JCATS consists of the following features

  • Automatic correlation: When logging your time in Jira it is automatically booked onto the corresponding WBS element in SAP
  • Delegated time booking: It gives the Product Lead control and flexibility because they can log time on Jira issues for other users
  • Bidirectional connection: Changes in one system automatically take effect in the other 
  • Easy editing: Work logs can be updated and/or deleted in either system 
  • Minimise errors: Log your time once and be done with it for both, SAP and Jira
  • Respect Issue hierarchy: Its traversial mechanism allows it.JCATS to check if your issue has an WBS element attached, if not then it goes to the next hierarchy level up to the epic