How to activate it.JCATS for your Jira project

As Jira administrator, you can activate it.JCATS work logs globally or choose which specific projects should use it. 


Creating and configuring the WBS field (required)

Refer to this article from the Atlassian documentation for an in-depth guide on how to create custom fields.


Open the Custom fields administration menu

Navigate via Jira Administration  → Issues 

Look for FIELDS in the menu on the left and select Custom fields

2Click on the Add custom field button 

3Select Advanced in the upcoming dialog. Look for and select the type WBS Field. Click Next.

4Enter a name and an optional description for your field. Click Create.

Only one WBS custom field is required for your Jira instance

Associate your field with the project screens where you would like to see it placed later.

Click on Update to finalize the field creation.

6Open the it.JCATS configuration menu

Switch to the Mange Apps tab 

Look for the IT.JCATS Configuration in the menu on the left and click on Activate IT.JCATS

It is not possible to activate it.JCATS unless a WBS field is configured.


The newly created custom field should now be available in the WBS field dropdown.

Select the custom field and click on Save.

Enabling/Disabling work logs for all projects


Open the it.JCATS configuration menu

Navigate via Jira Administration  → Manage Apps 

Look for the IT.JCATS Configuration in the menu on the left and click on Activate IT.JCATS


Be sure to add a WBS field if none has been selected. 

Refer to the section "Creating and configuring a WBS field" above.
3Toggle the Use it.JCATS globally switch to ON or OFF

4Click on Save

Using the Log work function in any issue will now send the data over to SAP

Enabling/Disabling work logs on a specific Jira project

This function is only available if it.JCATS is not globally active.


In Jira, open the Project settings view

Open the project you wish to edit and select Project settingsin the project sidebar

Stay in the Summary tab and look for the it.JCATS panel on this page.


Toggle the Active switch to ON or OFF

If it.JCATS is globally active, the switch will not be available, instead being replaced by a notification.