How to connect it.JCATS to SAP

This is a guide for Jira administrators on how to establish a connection between the newly installed it.JCATS on Jira and their SAP system.


  • it.JCATS requires a global SAP system user with permission to create, edit and delete work logs

Step-by-step guide


In Jira, navigate to the it.JCATS Configuration menu

Navigate via Jira Administration  → Manage Apps 

Look for the IT.JCATS Configuration in the menu on the left and click on SAP Connection

2Enter the name of your SAP system in the SAP Target System field

3Set the location of the it.JCATS SAP interface in the URL field
4Add the name of the SAP client in the Client field
5Enter the username and password of the global SAP user 

After saving the connection, the credentials will no longer be visible

  • To re-enter credentials, click on the Edit credentials button
  • It is normal that the Password field remains empty
6Click on Save to persist your changes

After establishing the connection, read on: How to activate it.JCATS for your Jira project