it.JCATS/ODATA - How to delete Work Logs (Scheduled Task)

This is a how-to for deleting work logs that were rejected in SAP via ODATA API.

Step-by-step guide

Configuring the Scheduler

As of version 1.3, the scheduler is only applicable for it.JCATS configurations that are connected to the ODATA API.

If it.JCATS is set to Server instead of Cloud in the Connect to SAP menu, the scheduler will not activate.


Navigation: Admin (cog wheel) → Manage apps → it.JCATS Configuration → Scheduler


The Sync report at the right side of the page is updated with the last and next runtimes of the scheduler. This will show no data if there were no runs before configuring for the first time, or if the scheduler is disabled.

3To delete the work logs on the side of Jira, a user with the "Delete All Worklogs" permission is required. Choose the username from the Jira User select box.


Choose the time period in number of days over which the scheduler should check for rejected work logs by selecting an option from the Work log time period select box. 

Work logs are chosen based on their creation date.


  • Work log time period: 30 days - when the scheduler runs, it will check all work logs created by Jira users in the last 30 days
  • If the work logs were rejected in SAP, they will be deleted in Jira as well


With the user and Time period selected, you can click on Start to run the deletion procedure once.

This will immediately start the deletion of work logs using the parameters set in this configuration screen. 


Activate the scheduler to periodically trigger the deletion of work logs.

Add an expression to Cron Interval that determines when the scheduler will run. Writing a cron expression is documented here.

The Cron Interval expression is validated for syntax only on this form. If a cron expression is saved that the Atlassian Scheduler Service cannot process, the Sync Report will indicate that no execution is planned in the Next sync field.

To deactivate the scheduler again, simply set the switch to off


Click on Start to finish configuration. The Sync Report will update the Next Sync field according to the Cron Interval to show when the scheduler will execute next.

Click on Cancel to cancel any unsaved changes made to Jira user, Work log time period or Cron interval fields.


If the scheduler has deleted a work log from your issue, a comment directed at the author of the work log will be added to issue for the purpose of informing them of the deletion.

This comment contains the Date Started, Time Spent and Work Description of the deleted work log.