Configure Transport Panel Availability

Not all users in your Jira instance need the SAP Transport Panel functionality. That's why there is an option in the configuration to limit this function.

Step-by-Step Guide

The SAP Transport Panel functionality can be configured to be activated only for specific issues that match a preconfigured filter.

1In Jira, navigate to Admin Menu (cog wheel) → Manage apps SAP Transport Panel  Transport Panel Availability


Provide a valid JQL Filter that defines for which issues the SAP Transport Panel functionality should be activated.

If you are unsure about the JQL, you can use Jiras built-in Issue Navigator, by navigating to Issues → Search for issues and then clicking on the Advanced button.

Then you can input your JQL there and will get sophisticated hints and error details.

Further information → Atlassian documentation: Advanced searching

  • When you leave the JQL field empty, the Transport Panel will be available on all issues.
  • When the JQL is valid, JQL updated will appear under the text field and the SAP Transport Panel is shown only in the defined issues.

3Save your setting via click on Save

Now the SAP Transport Panel can be used in every issue that matches the filter. Issues that don't match the filter can also have the Transport Panel, but a message will show that it can't be used for this issue.

This is also true if an issue has already some transports linked to it, so be careful to not loose sight of previously connected transports.