Setting up custom fields

There need to be specific fields in Jira, which are needed for the SAP interface. As typical for Jira, these fields can of course be renamed as desired.


Step-by-Step Guide

Add custom fields

Creation of custom fields for the SAP Transport Panel functionality.

Further information → Custom fields types in company-managed projects


In Jira, navigate to  Admin Menu (cog wheel) →  Issues  →  Custom fields


Create new custom fields for the settings of SAP Transport Panel. Click on Create custom field

In oder to have access to all Field Types select All in the sidebar of the modal.

A list of required fields is listed in the table Custom field overview below.


Select a field type, e.g:

  • SAP Transport Panel System field for the selection of configured SAP Systems

Then Click on Next

4Add name and description. For example: System field

After that you will get to the associate the field to a screen.

Because we haven't created a dedicated screen for SAP Transport Panel you can just select Cancel for now.

We explain how to associate your fields to the screen in this section.


Repeat these steps and add all fields from the table Custom field overview below.

Custom field overview

Following fields are necessary for the mapping of SAP transports and with SAP Transport Panel. Please note that all custom fields are required to be set up for SAP Transport Panel to work.

StepCustom fieldField TypeContent

System field

SAP Transport Panel System field (SAP Transport Panel Type)

Determines which configuration from SAP system and SAP project should be addressed for transports linked to the issue. This field is set as required, because a SAP system is necessary for the communication with SAP. If no system and project are selected all SAP Transport Panel feature result in an error. 


Create Transport

Select List (single choice)

This field comes with three options:

  • no selection made
  • Customizing
  • Workbench 

The custom field is configured in a transition screen for the Create Transport post function. The user can choose whether or not a transport should be created.

  • If no selection was made, no new SAP transport is created
  • Otherwise, a transport is created with the corresponding type
  • If the field is missing in the operation there will be an error message

Return code

String Return Code

  • When a transport is imported on a system the Return code is sent back to Jira. 
    • The Return code custom field in Jira contains the highest code of all transports related to the issue (from the update of the transport via SAP).

Emergency change

Select List (single choice)

When a selection in the custom field was made, the SAP Admin gets an email that this was an emergency change.

The possible options have to be:

  • Yes
5Further information

Paragraph(supports rich text)

This field can be edited with secondary information (e.g. about the import). This information will be added to the email that the SAP admin receives.

Associate the Create Transport and Return code custom field to SAP Transport Panel


In Jira, navigate to  Admin Menu (cog wheel)  →  Apps    Manage apps SAP Transport Panel


Choose the tab Custom Field Settings and select the custom field Create Transport from the dropdown menu
Then Click on Save

Create field configurations for the issue types

Creation of field configurations for the relevant issue types. This prevents SAP Transport Panel from encountering errors when creating the transport of copies, which can be caused by changes to the Default Field Configuration (e.g. new required fields).

Further information → Associate field behavior with an issue type


In Jira, navigate to Admin Menu (cog wheel) → Issues → Field configurations


Click the Add field configuration button.

3Add name and description. For example: SAP Transport Panel: Transport management click on Add


Locate the System field and click the Required link to make it a mandatory field.

Associate the issue types with the field configurations

To use the custom fields for SAP Transport Panel the field configuration needs to be associated to the Jira issue types. 

Further information → Configure a field configuration scheme

1In Jira, navigate to Admin Menu (cog wheel) → Issues → Field configurations schemes

Create a field configuration scheme via click on the Add field configuration scheme button.


Add name and description (e.g. SAP Transport Panel: Field Configuration Scheme).Click on Add.


Link the issue types in the assignment dialog to the new field configurations. Then click on Associate an issue type with a field configuration.

Select the issue type and the field configuration. Then click Add and repeat for the all of the following issue types:

  • Story - SAP Transport Panel: Transport management
  • Bug - SAP Transport Panel: Transport management


The final configuration should look like in the example to the right.

Associate the field configuration scheme to the Jira project

The final step to use the custom fields is to associate the field configuration scheme to the Jira project. 

Further information → Atlassian documentation: Associating a field configuration scheme with a project

1In Jira, navigate to Projects SAP Transport Panel Project Project settings(sidebar) Issues Fields

Click on ActionsUse a different scheme and then select the SAP Transport Panel: Field Configuration Scheme.