Getting Started

In this article you will learn about it.JTMS in general and the purchasing process.


What is it.JTMS

… and why can't you download it directly from the marketplace?

One App, two components

it.JTMS is designed to link your SAP with your Jira instance, so you can manage your SAP transports easily and gain maximum transparency throughout the entire development process. In order for this to work we had to develop two components for the interface. One for SAP, one for Jira. The SAP component was developed by NTT DATA, a worldwide operating SAP Partner. The Jira component was developed by greenique, an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner. Together they form an interface (it.JTMS), so your SAP and Jira instances can communicate. However, both components need a proper implementation on your systems which will be done by NTT DATA and greenique to ensure the functionality of the app.

Get it yourself

If you want to use it.JTMS in your company to make development in SAP easier and more transparent, all you have to do is reach out to us

Give us a call: +49 521 32 90 13 30 or write us an email: 

Getting it.JTMS: Step by step

Step 1: demonstration

First things first: We will give you a thorough presentation of the app. This can happen remotely or - if you are based in Germany - on-site. During the demonstration

  • we explain the functionality of it.JTMS
  • we clarify all necessary requirements
  • we discuss how the implementation works
  • you get the chance to ask technical questions

Step 2: Purchase decision

After getting to know the app with all its details it's on you to decide whether you want to use it.JTMS. 

Just reach out to us once you've made up your mind. 

Step 3: Installation & Configuration

Together with our partner NTT DATA we will get it.JTMS up and running on your systems. For this, we will install and configure both components remotely. While doing so, we will make sure to enable you to use the app to the full extent. Furthermore you will learn to carry out configurations for your users, workflows etc. by yourself.

Step 4: Benefit from it.JTMS

Once you're all set, you and your team are ready to profit from using it.JTMS. If you should have any questions along the way, don't hesitate. Just give us a call and we are happy to help you.