How-to create Log files in Confluence

To reproduce an error on a test system, in order to ensure helpful support, it can be useful seeing the log files. This Step-by-Step guide explains, how to create log files in Confluence.

Step-by-Step guide





Add the PLUGIN debug statements to your logs.

Therefor navigate to Admin Menu (Cog wheel) → General Configurations → Logging and Profiling (Sidebar)  


Enter de.greenique under Class/Package Name and select DEBUG from the New Level select box.

Click on Add entry.

3Next, reproduce the error you have encountered. Any relevant debug statements and error logs should now show up in your Confluence log files.


Customize a support zip file.

Therefor navigate to Admin Menu (Cog wheel)  General Configurations → Troubleshooting and support tools (under System support) → Customize zip:

Please uncheck all boxes except Jira application logs and Limit File Sizes, as these are the only ones needed.

5Create a zip support file and download it.
6You can now unzip the archive to check for and remove any sensitive information from the logs before adding them to this ticket.