Terms & Concepts

TaskONE collects all issues from JIRA as well as tasks from Confluence, and presents them to you on your personalized "Dashboard". In addition you can define what information from tasks are displayed and you can define which sort criteria is used to display the tasks from Confluence and Jira.

Makro View

The Makro View is the List View of a configured TaskONE Makro on any Confluence page. 

Confluence taskTasks that are given in Confluence with the Task list button.
Jira issueAll the different Jira issues that are given in Jira like Story, Task, Bug and Subtask.
TaskCombination of Confluence tasks and Jira issues.

TaskONE fuses Confluence tasks and Jira issues into a sortable list. 

The following pages will help you find your way through all features of your installed Add-On from an administrators perspective to ensure that you have all you need to make the most out of it, for you and the users.