Define the Confluence tasks to be displayed

There are several filters you can use to select only the tasks you really want to display. Combine them to get your personalized Macro view and keep track over everything efficiently.


Step-by-Step Guide

TaskONE allows you to filter the results, so that it only shows the information that are relevant for you.


Go to a Confluence page that already has TaskONE for Confluence and click on the Edit button in the top right corner, or insert the macro to any other page.

If you can not see it, you do likely not have the necessary permissions to edit the page displayed.

For more help please contact your local Confluence Administrator.


Next click on the TaskONE macro and wait for the pop-up dialogue to appear and click on the Edit button. 


In there you can define the filter that are relevant to you

  • The filter you can use are listed below
  • To verify your changes you can always click on Preview. As soon as you are satisfied, hit the Save button 
4Click on Save and you are done

Criteria you can use to filter your tasks

Criteria for filteringExampleDescription


Type in the title of a page or space to see a list of suggestions popping-up. Select one or multiple to narrow down the amount of tasks displayed and find the ones you really wanted.

You can also add the Confluence tasks of the space the current page is in.


Write down some labels that are currently in use, to display tasks of pages that only have those labels.

Type in the user's name, to display tasks and issues from this user. You can also add the Confluence tasks of the currently logged in user.

Users are assigned to a Confluence task, when the @ Mention  function ist used

TaskONE will filter the Confluence tasks of a specific user. To filter the Jira issues for a specific user you got to adjust the JQL.

Created by

Write down the tasks reporter to view only tasks only created by those users.

The creator or reporter is the user, which added the task to a page via the action in the header bar.

Created after

Write down a date, to remove tasks from your list that are older than the specified date.

Task status

Choose between a list of complete and incomplete tasks.