Create a Dashboard to see all open tasks related to specific labels or filter (Impediment Board)

You sometimes work for multiple teams and specific topics. Therefore you have your own Jira project or issue type for some type of work and specific Confluence templates for this work. In reality this could be something like blockers for your team, which need to be solved by a HR-Team. In agile working methods this is called a Impediment, which is usually managed by a Scrum Master and the Meetings to find those Impediments are documented in a specific template in Confluence (a template for a Retrospective). Use the TaskONE macro to generate your individual board to show all open tasks related to specific labels or JQL filter in Jira and Confluence.


Step-by-Step Guide

Define your TaskONE Confluence macro

To create a Project Board with TaskONE follow these little steps. You can configure any deviation from this example if it suits your use case better.

Step  ProcedureExampleDescription

Generate a Confluence page named after your individual use case (e.g. Impediment Board).


Add TaskONE macro to the page and open the Macro configuration.


Configure the Confluence tasks in TaskONE, so that it shows all open Confluence tasks of your individual use case (e.g. meeting notes for Retrospective, which are labeled impediment).

In this example we identify the relevant Confluence tasks via the space and label of our Confluence pages. 

SpacesOrganisational Development
Task statusincomplete

Configure the Jira issues in TaskONE, so that it shows all open Jira issues for your individual use case (e.g. all issues from the type Impediment in a Organizational Development Jira project)

In this example we define the correct Jira Instance, because multiple Jira Instances can be linked to one Confluence. Afterwards we defined a JQL to match all relevant issues for our use case. We added the check for the status category to only get open issues. 

Jira Application LinkJira Blue
Jira Query Language (JQL)project = ORGADEV AND Issuetype = Impediment AND statusCategory not in (Done)

Further define the TaskONE Macro View, so that the relevant data is displayed and the sorting of your tasks is by assignee.

In this example we have all tasks related to a specific use-case, which need to be solved. Therefore we added the assignee, so that we can focus on forwarding unassigned and monitoring open tasks. Because of the sorting by assignee we can simply assignee the unassigned tasks in Confluence and Jira. 

Number of tasks per page20
Columns to displaytasktype, description, duedate, assignee, location
Sort byassignee

Save the configuration from TaskONE and add other macros as you wish (e.g. the Create from template macro and a Panel macro to highlight the board). 

We recommend that TaskONE is the center of one page, because of its list view, but feel free to add other macros to aid your process. In this example we added the Create from template macro containing a template with the label impediment, which is our filter criteria for Confluence tasks. This aids our process, because you can't forget to add the label to your retrospective page. 

Further information → Atlassian documentation: Create from template macro

7Publish your Confluence page. 

Check your changes and build your own individual TaskONE Board

Set Due dates automatically in Jira (optional) 

Use Jira Automation to set up automatic rules for your Due date. For example you can automatically set the Due dates of Impediments to 2 weeks after creation.

Further information → Atlassian documentation: Jira automation - Data Center and Server

Step  ProcedureExample

Go to Jira and add an Automation to set the Due date of an impediment issue, when the issue is created. 

Jira Automation can be administrated by Project Administrators for their Project or for the global Jira Instance. If you have not enough rights contact your Administrators. 

Set labels automatically in Confluence (optional) 

Use Confluence templates to set up automatic rules for the creation of new Confluence pages. For example you can automatically set the label impediment for all pages created with the template Retrospective.


Go to Confluence and add a Template to define the basic structure and the label, when a Confluence page is created out of your specific template (e.g. Retrospective).

Further information → Atlassian documentation: Create a template

Confluence templates can be administrated by Administrators for their Space or for the global Confluence Instance. If you have not enough rights contact your Administrators. 


Add the Create from Template macro to your dashboard to directly create pages from the created template. 

Further information → Atlassian documentation: Create from template macro

3When you create a page from this template and create a Confluence task on it, the new tasks will automatically appear in your configured TaskONE Board.