Create a "Product Requirements" Confluence Page

This is a guide about how to create a Confluence page from an Issue

Step-by-step guide

1Clicking the Create page button opens the Create a new page dialog.

2The page type that is to be created can be selected in the dialog.

3In the Select parent page drop down list, the parent page can be selected from the Confluence area that is assigned to the page type.



The Title field determines the heading of the new page. In the Issue to Page configuration, an administrator can specify which heading is proposed here.

Depending on the setting, the user can either change the title at this point or use the default.

Page titles must be unique within a Confluence area.

5Clicking on Create page at the bottom of the dialog box creates the Confluence page.  

If the Draft button is pressed instead, a new browser tab opens after creation in which the new page can be edited directly.


After you created the page you can find a link to the new page in the JIRA issue and is located under Issue Links

The link type is based on the name of the page type that was selected.