How to use variables for Projectrak by DEISER

Issue to Page also supports the App Projektrak - Jira Project Tracking by DEISER, formerly known as Profields

(warning) Issue to Page is compatible with Projectrak up to version 8.0.0

Attaining a Projectrak/Profields ID is currently rather complex. You have to use a REST call, based on your Jira system.

In the URL bar, enter something like: <JIRA BASE URL>/rest/profields/api/2.0/fields/

Replace the <JIRA BASE URL> with your Jira URL, for example

The result should be a rather difficult to read website. In here, search for the name of your desired field, in our case it is the country.

Next to it you will find the ID that you are searching for.

Pro Tip

Write this ID, and all others that might be necessary, into a Confluence table to avoid searching through this response ever again.

Projectrak Variables

Starting with version 1.3.3, we support ProjectrakProfields variables.

Simply create a variable from the ProjectrakProfields ID, for example $issue.profield_27.

If you're using the ProjectrakProfields add-on version 6.2, you can add your project fields to your page using the ProjectrakProfields field ID and the following variable pattern: $issue.profield_{ID}

  • Example: $issue.profield_27 

The field IDs can be obtained via the Projectrak REST API

Supported ProjectrakProfields field types

Select ListText Value of the selected item.Germany
Select Multiple ListText Value of the selected items, separated by commaGermany, Australia, Hungary