How to use Botron to transfer your configuration (beta)

The current version of Issue to Page (2.0) is limited and does not support the transfer of the post function via Botron SPI.

Configuration Manager for Jira Integration - Beta

General Requirements

For an low-error import of Issue to Page data, you need
  • the same Jira versions
  • the same version of the Configuration Manager and Issue to Page

on the system.

If there are other different apps, it may be that the Configuration Manager displays them during the snapshot deployment.


  • Backup of global data (page configuration/page content) 
    using the configuration manager snapshot function
  • Import of the snapshot on the same system environment consisting of Jira/Confluence
  • Import the snapshot on another Jira that is connected to the same confluence
    • The application link to Confluence must be set as "primary"
    • Double checking the configurations after deploying the snapshot is recommended


  • Importing into another system environment consisting of Jira and another Confluence is only partially implemented meaning
    • The configuration data are transferred, but cannot be used directly
    • Manual adjustments of space, templates and parent page necessary
    • Double checking the configurations (open, make a selection, then save) is strongly recommended


  • The Create Page Post function is currently not saved or transferred and must be set up manually

Before you proceed with the transfer


Install apps (same version) on both Jira servers:

It's important for you to install the apps of the same version on both servers!


Check the Confluence server instances that are connected to the original and new Jira systems via primary Application Link. 

The following data used in the Issue to Page configurations should also be present on the new system for a smooth transfer:

  • Space keys
  • Templates and Blueprints
  • Parent pages

How to transfer configuration data between your Jira instances using Botron


Follow the instructions in Botron Software's Configuration Manager for Jira found here on how to transfer Global App Data between Jira instances.

Create a System or Project Snapshot on the system that contains the Issue to Page configuration data you wish to transfer.

  • For Project snapshots, be sure to click on Next and choose the Issue to Page app on the Select Apps screen
2Download the snapshot .zip file as described in the documentation and follow their instructions to deploy the data to another Jira server.

Open the Issue to Page configuration screen in the Jira backend (Cog wheel → Manage apps → Issue to Page → Configuration)

Both Page and Page Content Configurations should be present. 


Verify the configuration data is still correct for the new Jira instance, especially if it is linked to a different Confluence instance via primary Application Link.

  • Confluence space keys must be set again if the same keys are not present in the connected Confluence instance
  • Template, Blueprint and parent page configuration values should be checked as well 

If the Page Configuration does not have a Page Content, it will also be marked as ERROR and deactivated

Custom fields used as variables within the configuration change IDs during the Botron transfer. But you can use our new feature and address variables by using the name of the custom field as you can see here.