itJCATS / ODATA - How to edit or delete work logs

This is a how-to on updating or deleting an existing work log in it.JCATS and SAP Cloud (ODATA).

Step-by-step guide

It is assumed that it.JCATS is configured for ODATA and active for the current Jira project. For more information on creating work logs, click here.

How to edit

If you have been granted the Edit Own Work Logs permission, you can edit your work entries.

For other logs, you need the Edit All Work Logs permission.




Select the work log to be edited in the Activity section from the Work log tab and open the edit dialog using the pencil icon.

Note: The pencil symbol appears on mouseover.


All information can be adjusted again in edit mode:

Please do not remove the it.JCATS marker from the end of the field Work description. This marker text is only visible in Jira and will not be transferred to SAP with your comments.

How to delete

Deleting is no different from the deletion process for SAP servers.

To prevent deletion for SAP ODATA, the Delete Own Worklogs authorization must be used.