How to select the WBS element for cloud

In order to be able to post work in SAP, the process must have a WBS element.

  • The WBS element can be located in the structure at every process except for sub tasks

  • Hierarchical search for the WBS element takes place from the current process upwards (the first WBS element found is used)


Step-by-step guide




Create custom fields for SAP project number and WBS element

Cogwheel → Manage Apps → Issues

  • Create a new field of the type Text (single line) and name it as SAP project number. Add to the screens you need.

  • Create another field of the type WBS field and also add it to the masks


Configure the SAP project number and Jira Initiative issue as described in this article.


Activate it.JCATS work logs for SAP as described in How to activate it.JCATS for your Jira project


Create or open any existing issue of type Initiative, edit it and enter a project ID in the configured SAP project ID field. Save changes.


Create a new issue or epic and link it to the Initiative.

Open the new process, edit it, and select the WBS element in the corresponding field. The selection list for the project is filtered using the project number. The search field can be used to further restrict the presented options.